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We know how you feel. We deal with accidents ranging from fender benders to serious crashes on a daily basis. That’s why our process takes all the pressure off of your shoulders and puts it on ours. You may have gotten into an accident or need a pesky repair, but at the very least, you’ll enjoy a pleasant experience when working with Crown Collision.

Ready to Repair?

After you call us, we call your insurance company and take your accident from there.





One call will fix all.

Identify the Need for a Repair

We all need a car repair at some point in our driving career’s. It’s the way of the road.

Make an Appointment with Crown

We pride ourselves on taking your problems and making them our problems. It’s how we’ve done business for 54 years, so don’t expect us to change now.

Pick-Up Your Vehicle

The process really is that simple. Once you let us take care of the repair, you’ll get your vehicle back clean and ready to drive.